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Sofiyyah Shah nak kata buat review, tak jugak.. tak dan nak snap gambar den.. bukan cun pon.. hahaha.. parut sana sini.. jerawat pon on the way mengecut. Malu ehh nak tayang muke without tinted sunscreen by gamat healin plus camera effect.haha..

Kenapa I obses dengan produk by gamat healin??

Banyak reason,,, bak kata org nak cantik ke sakit dulu.. I alami masalah kulit since 2011. After spm.. yeah. Before I take Spm paper maybe my hormones increase and thats time my pimples not shy shy to show in my face. Haha. Thats time dont care until I settle sem 1 in Stpm..  my face become very worse. Dont know why beb..

And that time I using produk terhangat dipasaran dgn harapan cantik berseri but thats product not cheap for student. I try and my fave glowing after two weeks. I think after that I will stop using that product,  because I doesnt have more money to buy and I think my face will stay keep glowing after not using it. But NO! something happen, my face become very Worse... jerawat batu yg tak pernah muncul, muncul bahagia dimuka I..

I try to hid my face to other by using Bb cream or other else.. my pimples become worse, scar anywhere and I give up with my face. Tapi, I still bersyukur stop that product early, thats product have hard chemical from what I doing research..

All of you whos try produk terlaris dipasaran should stop okay. Bahan kimia kuat menyebabkan kulit korang cantik.bila korang stop kulit korang akan rosak..


Long time I only using cosmoderm product because halal and safe, but my face not very improve and still feel Pedih pedih.. sebab jerawat banyak. But still pakai bedak compact.. nak cover g keje.haha.


My mom,
She very worry about me, she ask me to meet Doctor of skin.haha. I rasa kelakar, risau seorang ibu lain tau beb.. macam macam dia fikir.. biasalah, kot katenya org cemburu ke, ade ape ape ke,
But I  tak pelik, sebab I suka main kucing dr dulu.. maybe thats why my face not like my other sister..

She ask me to bring her to gamat healin at jalan reko,kajang. I just bring without think she will buy me thats product.

Since beauticians look at me,  she know what my problem..haha. she prefer me try product suitable with me, and she ask me to stip eat egg, chicken,seafood and other else alergic food.

I using gamat healin product from februari 2015- now (nov-2015)..

My pimples jarang tumbuh, produk tak pedih.  Sebab tak ada bahan kimia. But, when using gamat dont use cosmetic yang ada kimia. Your jerawat become worse again..


Since I first time buy online. I excited. Yesterday my parcel arrive. Woheeee.. i loike..

I buy:

Hydrating mask rm48
Cleansing milk rm54
Serum for face rm35 (diskaun price beb harga asal rm80)

I wanted to try serum because want reduce my scar... my statement before thats "sakit utk cantik" bagi produk ni. Kena sabar sikit sebab nak cantik kena tunggu time la.. tak boleh terus cantik...not only take one two month to look  flawless beb..

Sapa ade masalah jerawat, boleh la try product ni, mahal okay sebab tahan lama. Saving sikit la utk cantik.. makan kurang sikit.haha

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