Thursday, 9 April 2015



very difficult to solving statistic question right now.. why? reason is because i do not focus in class, maybe lecturer not suitable for me.

i like young lecturer bacause they understand me.. they move faster but they can make people understand topic by topic. waa... really tired to understand right now.. question lecturer give only one of them i can answered.

some people say he was the best, but maybe not for me. different from other outlook. "they all not me"

but i will try hard for understand , actually first week we all study without book,, so hard right.. what we can do? just complaint and waiting for information that book is coming.. second week already have book but,,, so scary when look at that book.. why that book looking scary? because from first page until end i found only boring book right.. ? for fun we must make a colourful book. that is better..

hahahaha.. okay i'm done. maybe my language ,grammar is trouble. dont worry. i think you will understand what i want to say..lalalalala...(dont want people look i'm loser)


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