Monday, 4 May 2015

feeling sometimes not important *just accept him

when people come and ask for daughter.

do you really will accept him? haha.. gap woman with man is very big.

you want your daughter be andartu?? haha. yes if kita memilih. padahal jodoh Allah dah munculkan depan mata tanpa kita berdoa, mungkiinkah jodoh itu akan berlari mendapatkan kita lagi?

mahukan istilah terhegeh hegeh didengari dibibir? kalau aku as woman pon tak suka. lelaki lagi kurang berminat. and maybe this feeling in our family thinking only.

i already hear and ask my brother what will happen if you have been rejected by woman. based on what he say,, on my deep feeling dont want make anyone hurt, accepted and Allah will give the best for us. in sha Allah. believe it.. Allah is everything and do it all in the world. Allah not sleep! they know what our feeling and best for us.

thinking positive and you will create the better way of our life.

the important thing is D.U.I.T doa usaha istiqamah tawakal. in sha allah.

doakan terbaik untuk aku, kalau dikatakan jodoh, jadilah. in sha Allah.

peace no war . pray for me yawww.

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